Merry Christmas from Pasha

The Good Sex Clinic is now open for private clients.
I am a qualified psychosexual therapist working with a range of clients with all sorts of issues that may be affecting their sex lives to varying degrees.
I majored in sex revitalisation after life changing surgery but I am also an expert in sexual performance problems, confidence issues, climax/orgasm concerns, porn and fetish addictions etc.
I work with couples and singles putting together a plan of action which will include positive sex attitudes and open experimentation.
The first appointment is to find out what difficulties need to be addressed and I put together a plan of action for beyond the session for the client and any partners who may be involved to carry out with a hope that their sex life will improve.
You are not committed to any number of sessions, one consultation may be all you need. If not, we work together to continue the program.
All consultations are on line via Skype conference facilities or Whatsapp etc.
My sessions are competitively priced, private and confidential and proven to be effective.

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